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Dover Realty Advisors is the Midwest's premier multifamily and commercial real estate advisory company specializing in receivership, property management, repositioning and asset management for institutional clients.

Dover Realty Advisors’ Dover University offers a classroom setting to train and coach participants ranging from site level to executive level associates. Our managing partner, Terry Schwartz, provides one-on-one coaching to a select number of executives. 


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Lastly, we employ an extensive custom report writing group with expertise in Yardi and Real Page property management software. We can provide access to an entire library of pre-existing custom reports or create them from the ground up in order to meet all of the clients’ needs.

Most importantly, we produce solid, long-term investment results for our clients and our partners. 



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Performance Driven Results:

Diagnostic evalutation, property management, asset management, custom report writing, REO repositioning and receivership.

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